WNV Positive Mosquitoes in CMAD

West Nile Virus has been confirmed in mosquitoes trapped in Petersboro August 20th. The Cache Mosquito Abatement District will continue abatement and surveillance activities. Abatement consists of primarily larvicide, killing or preventing larva from becoming adult mosquitoes. Adulticide, or fogging, occurs only at night when the Culex mosquitoes (the ones carrying WNV) are active.

Logan City mosquito abatement reported mosquitoes from a trap at 1500 N 1200 W tested positive for WNV August 30th.

Please see below for actions you can take to Fight the Bite.

Fogging Schedule

Fogging to control adult mosquitoes occurs from dusk until around midnight. CMAD uses a truck-mounted fogger to treat adult mosquitoes. We use a product called Kontrol (permethrin). Click here for information on permethrin use in mosquito abatement.

West Nile Virus (WNV) has been confirmed in numerous mosquito pools in Utah. Human cases, including some of the more serious neuroinvasive type, continue to increase in Utah. Please remember that if you'll be outside during the hours from dusk to dawn, Fight the Bite. Wear pants and long-sleeved shirts, and use a CDC-approved mosquito repellant such as DEET for personal protection.

  • MONDAY: Petersboro, SW Smithfield, Trenton, Cornish, Nibley, Millville, Amalga barrens
  • TUESDAY: Mendon, Benson, Providence, Hyde Park, North Logan, Smithfield
  • WEDNESDAY: Wellsville sewer ponds/Heritage Center/gun range, Lewiston, Hyrum, Avon, Newton, Cache Junction
  • THURSDAY: Wellsville/Mt. Sterling, Benson, Richmond, Cove, NW Smithfield, Clarkston

Mosquito Abatement

The District continues to apply larvicide to standing water to control mosquito larvae throughout the week. Fogging to control adult mosquitoes occurs in the evening from dusk to around midnight.

You can help by removing breeding areas around your home: dump containers with standing water, ensure no water is pooled in sagging gutters, and change the bird bath water every few days. Contact the District at (435) 764-6839 to report pooled water so that field workers can come check for the presence of mosquito larvae. Please check our Mosquito Control page for more information.

Courtesy No-Spray Requests

When possible, the District will try to honor courtesy no-spray requests. Please submit a request in writing in order for us to plan routes and accommodate no spray requests. Click here to read this policy. Click here to obtain the fillable form to complete and submit to CMAD. The request must be submitted EACH year.

If you live in Logan or College-Young Ward, please contact your local abatement personnel, NOT Cache Mosquito Abatement District, for fogging schedules, no spray requests, etc. For Logan, contact Rex Davis at (435) 716-9749. For College-Young Ward, contact Brad Tolman (College Young Ward MAD).

The District is divided into areas generally identified by the community each is around; these names are what appear in the fogging schedule.

map of fogging areas in the district