2021 Season

Mosquito traps are set up throughout the District each week to monitor adult mosquito activity and identify the species that are active in an area. Culex mosquitoes are pooled and tested for WNV (West Nile Virus).

September 8th: A record number of mosquito pools have tested positive for West Nile Virus (WNV) including mosquitoes trapped in Lewiston, Newton, and Benson. Eleven people and nine horses have tested positive for WNV in Utah through September 8th. One person has died.

Take the actions listed in Fight the Bite to prevent getting infected. Contact your veterinarian for a vaccine against WNV for your horse.

Field technicians are busy each day checking standing water for mosquito larvae and, when found, treating the area with the appropriate control.

Our variable flow foggers use GPS/GIS to adjust the amount of adulticide being dispersed according to the speed of the pickup. The truck speed must be between 3 and 20 mph; any speed below or above that range, and the fogger automatically shuts off. The amount of adulticide being delivered is calculated on an area basis so as the truck slows, less is being delivered. As the truck speeds up, more adulticide will be pumped so that the area covered receives a consistent amount of adulticide.

If wind speed is greater than 10 mph or air temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, fogging won't occur. The address of all no-spray requests is programmed for each fogging route. The GPS controller will automatically shut off the fogger when the pickup reaches that address (including a buffer either side).

Fogging to control adult mosquitoes is done in the evening, Monday - Thursday. See the schedule below for nights when mosquito fogging will take place in your area. Fogging occurs after sunset and continues until around midnight: this is the time the Culex mosquitoes are active (they carry West Nile Virus).


MONDAY: Petersboro, SW Smithfield, Amalga, Trenton, Cornish, Nibley, Millville, Smithfield

TUESDAY: Wellsville sewer ponds - Heritage Center - Gun Range, Benson, Providence, Hyde Park, North Logan, Amalga barrens

WEDNESDAY: Wellsville, Mt. Sterling, Lewiston, Richmond, Cove, NW Smithfield, Clarkston

THURSDAY: Mendon, Benson, Hyrum, Avon, Newton, Cache Junction

Courtesy No-Spray Requests

When possible, the District will try to honor courtesy no-spray requests. Please submit a request in writing in order for us to plan routes and accommodate no spray requests. Click here to read this policy. Click here to obtain the form to complete and submit to CMAD. The request must be submitted EACH year.

Contact us at (435) 764-6839. If you live in Logan or College-Young Ward, please contact your local abatement personnel. For Logan, contact Rex Davis at (435) 716-9749. Sorry, we have no contact information for College-Young Ward.

The District is divided into areas generally identified by the community each is around; these names are what appear in the fogging schedule.

map of fogging areas in the district