Cache Mosquito Abatement District (CMAD)

Our employees wear this logo on their shirts and caps.

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Policies of the District may be found here.


The Cache MAD is governed by a board of trustees. Each city council and the County Council appoints a trustee to the board for a term of 4 years. The trustees meet on the fourth Thursday of each month except for November and December. Those months, they meet on the second or third Wednesday.

Public hearings are held to adopt each year’s budget, change the certified tax rate (if necessary), annex new areas, and for other reasons specified by the Utah Code. All public hearings are announced in the legal notices section of The Herald Journal and posted on the CMAD website and the Public Meeting Notice website.

CMAD Trustees
Community Trustee Term ends
Dec. 31 of:
Amalga David Wood 2018
Clarkston Craig Hidalgo 2021
Cornish Joe Hansen, Chair 2018
Hyde Park David Gatherum, Treasurer 2020
Hyrum Paul James 2020
Lewiston Darwin Pitcher 2018
Mendon Greg Taylor 2018
Millville Kermit Price, Financial Officer 2018
Newton Craig Rigby 2018
Nibley Justin Maughan 2018
North Logan Elaine Nelson 2018
Providence Deon Johnson 2020
Richmond Dan Richins, Vice-Chair 2020
Smithfield Roger Lincoln 2020
Trenton Kim Hatch 2021
Wellsville Kevin Tingey 2018
Unincorporated Area Jeff Ricks 2020

Field Operations Manager: Richard Rigby

Administrative Manager: Debbie Mays